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One Piece > Naruto

OP > Naruto all day. 

I’m up to date in the manga on Naruto and in the anime on Naruto as well, and up to date with OP on just the manga. I decided to start watching it lately, and it doesn’t disappoint. The storytelling and depth of all the characters just are on a whole other level than that of Naruto’s, and the fact that more hilarity ensues in OP just make it so much better too. Maybe the only thing Naruto has on OP is larger scale action. But even then that’s not a large difference. OPftw

Lord, Thank You.

Thank you lord, for now I am certain you exist, and are an entity of kindness, and good will. 
Thank you lord, for these glorious, GLORIOUS noodz belonging to Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. Thank you. 

Through my tears of joy, I murmur my thanks lord, because I know now, you are a gracious lord. I beseech thee: SEND MORE NOODZ OF JLAW AND I SHALL BE YOUR SERVANT FOREVER MORE LORD!

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